Blood on the Iron Hard Ground

Available in Paperback and as an eBook

Bob has lived or worked in more than 140 countries worldwide. The pictures presented here are a small selection from his portfolio. A broader selection may be found at ROBERT PARR PHOTOGRAPHY.


Bob Parr is a six-time Emmy® Award-winning television producer through his work on the US "reality" show The Amazing Race. He has also co-produced or acted as an Associate Producer on a number of additional shows, and he featured both on-screen and as an Executive Producer/co-owner of the History Channel series Shadow Force, filmed in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  


Having supported more than 250 television productions filmed in every conceivable environment around the world, Bob now concentrates on the provision of Risk Management services to the screen production industry worldwide through his New Zealand-based company, SO3 Projects  

Bob DRC interview.jpg

For any media inquiries, please contact SO3 Projects:

+1 310 598 2466

PO Box 78077, Pegasus 7648, New Zealand 

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